For writing the article of the top 10 digital careers for young generations in 2023, I recalled when I began writing part-time a few years ago. At first, It was a little side hustle meanwhile I worked as a teacher. Afterwards, and because my passion about the new subjects, I was googling “Digital Remote Work” and realised about all the ways you could make money digitally.

Straightaway, all the new job opportunities were appearing on my searches that encouraged me to find new professional paths. In fact, if I knew that the digital world would be as advanced as it is today, I may have chosen a different field of study. This is because digital work will never run out. Crypto, Cybersecurity, Social Media specialist – It’s not going to stop. Each year technology advances to create more digital careers. 15 years ago, Cybersecurity was not nearly as in demand as it is today. Because of this, we compiled a list of the top 10 digital careers for young generations in 2023.

Heading towards a digital society

If you’re looking to build a career in the digital world, you’re on the right track. This is because there is a current high demand across digital industries. There are a variety careers in this field, each requiring skills, aptitude, and natural abilities. The younger generations seem to be born with all the digital aptitudes that one may need to succeed in a digital profession.

There will always be a huge amount of digital jobs available. Therefore, It doesn’t matter whether you choose to follow business and management, technology, or the creative side.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 digital careers for young generations in 2023. This selection is made by researching a little bit within different industries, but also taking into account our professional experience.

How young generations are creating innovative jobs in 2023

The digital divide is associated with broadband access. It is also about understanding the needs and levels of tech literacy across more or less six generations. The younger generations are willing to help companies develop products and apps that will better serve the dire needs of our communities, country, and world.

Starting with small startups, all the way to a tech titan like Tesla or Google, Gen Z is headstrong in helping everyone rethink how their business operations can help move on from the current digital divide, towards a more advanced conception of technology. According to a National 4-H Council survey, 72% of teens agreed that digital skills are essential for getting the top jobs for their generation. 4-H. (2021, August 11). Closing the Digital Divide.

It’s time to give a seat at the table to the generation that recognises how technology can be beneficial and a step towards advancement.

Crypto – The trending digital careers

It’s about time we learn something from Gen Z. Not only are they the most diverse generation, but they are also visionaries. According to a study done by Stilt in 2022, 94% of Crypto buyers are Gen Z and Millennials. Gogol, F. (2022, August 23). 

Cryptocurrency is nothing new to Gen Z. They have already discovered that daily trading is an easy way to make money from anywhere in the world. When you compare Crypto to trading on the stock market, crypto is much more predictable. The knowledge you’ll need to successfully trade crypto can easily be obtained. 

People have become extremely passionate about cryptocurrency. Some have chosen to leave their freelance careers to fully day trade. Cryptocurrency is currently trending amongst the digital nomads. It is an interesting “profession” to dive into for anyone starting from scratch or looking for a new career path.

Top 10 digital careers among young generations

The amount of jobs that require digital skills is increasing as computers, smartphones, and other Internet-capable devices become more popular. Careers in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Web 3.0 have become quite demanding. Take a look at the top 10 digital careers for young generations in 2023.

Social media strategist

Social Media has become one of the main platforms for communication. In this digital age, social media is the way to spread news, promote businesses, products, and services. In addition, Social media is also used to share thoughts and interests. Therefore, establishing a career in social media, no matter the direction may just be one of the best ways to enter the digital career field. With the Metaverse making such an impression in the digital world, using it to advance your social media career may just be a game changer. 

Bot developer

Virtual assistants and artificial intelligence (AI) are popular customer service forms. Bot developers and AI specialists understand how to design and program these chatbots. This will improve the user experience and encourage customers to purchase. Many of the larger marketing firms are using bots to help their businesses.

Web 3.0 entrepreneur

If you’re looking for a big step up from Web 2.0, Web 3.0 is it. Web 3.0 involves such a variety of technologies that it may be a great future career. Some of the technologies include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, etc. The experience offered by Web 3.0 is quite different from Web 2.0. This is due to the former being primarily static, compared to Web 3.0 which is highly fascinating. Project’s such as The Sandbox, Decentraland and another blockchain solutions are solid examples about how NFT’s and decentralized projects are thriving in the modern digital space. 

Cybersecurity developer

We have seen more than enough hacks and attacks in this digital world and through the journey of cryptocurrencies. These attacks have caused millions of dollars to be lost from platforms. This is why cybersecurity is a career that you can explore. There is no doubt that it will be different from cybersecurity jobs in Web 2.0. You would need to use the underlying blockchain technology to secure the web 3.0 environment. 

Augmented reality developer

With a career in Augmented Reality (AR), you’ll be creating the interactive experience of a real-world environment. In this environment, objects that exist in the real world become enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. This often includes multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory.

Artificial intelligence specialist

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence which can processed by machines. The machines are generally computer systems. In that sense, there are specific applications of AI such as expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.

Virtual reality designer

During the peak of web 2.0, the need for web developers hit an unexpected high. The high, however, does not last. As the web transitions into its next avatar, as it must, the skillset required to power it will change. VR Designers have become the need of today. These designers are responsible for shaping the virtual world to which we soon shall migrate to. Because of this, the market for these technologies may boom within the upcoming years. 

Solidity developer

Solidity is a programming language used by the Ethereum Network team. The team is responsible for creating and deploying smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts automate any and all human functions within a transaction. These transactions are backed by a blockchain. The blockchain protects them from any possible tampering or modification by third parties. Transacting may become the most integral part of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Therefore, Solidity developers will be the key facilitators in the process. 

Data scientist

Artificial intelligence is on the rise along with the Internet of Things. This means that an unprecedented amount of data has come to light. This creates a treasure trove for various industries. This is where data scientists become important. The role of a data scientist is to translate large amounts of data into actionable and digestible insights. 

Digital designer (UX/UI)

While the tech industry becomes aware of the importance of user-centered designs, the demand for skilled user experience designers (UX) and user interfase designers (UI) has grown. Web designers are focusing on user research, new experiences, responsiveness, accessibility and democratising technology.

The digital divide amongst gender

Computing has often been described as a “man’s world”. Because of this mindset, there are not as many women actively participating in the advancements of the digital world as one may think. Women, especially teenagers and young adults, are swaying away from traditional hobbies. They are leaning more towards gaming and coding. Although this is true, the number of female programmers and digital professionals are still quite low. 

There is a light on the 10 digital careers

Despite conscious and ongoing efforts to promote girls in digital technology, concerns about the gender digital divide continue to shadow the tech industry. Many studies have been conducted to take a look into the underrepresentation of women in computing. It is not surprising that recurring themes revolve around gendered discourses of computing as a field specifically ‘for men’. Because of this, girls and women may face unique challenges and barriers regarding computing and digital technologies. Under these circumstances, the top 10 digital careers among younger generations in 2023 will be more explorer by women, breaking the latter tendency, and casting a new light in the industry.


The overwhelming adoption of new technology in the society is leading towards the creation of new job opportunities among the younger. Therefore most specialists consider, even now, we do not have a glimpse about the potential of future scenarios where digitalisation and blockchain technology govern. The key factor is to keep an open mind and flexibility about what we learn in coming years.

By Chriszanne Gerber
Specialist writer and SEO consultant.


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